Who We Are

Proudly serving Cuyahoga County for five decades.

Community Housing Solutions provides home repairs and housing counseling to homeowners in Cuyahoga County since 1973. We support neighbors and neighborhoods to ensure that everyone has a safe home and is able to keep the home as an asset within a family.

Our staff brings decades of deep expertise in home repair and housing counseling for underserved homeowners.

We are committed to keeping people in their homes.

CHS Leadership

  • Pam Schuellerman

    Pam Schuellerman

    Executive Director

  • Roger Carney

    Roger Carney


  • Mike Grimes

    Mike Grimes

    Home Repair Director

  • Michele Sims

    Michele Sims

    Housing Counseling Program Director


  • Howard Bell

    Howard Bell

    Tool Loan, Eastside

  • Deborah Briscoe

    Deborah Briscoe

    Home Counseling Assistant

  • Bob Diamond

    Bob Diamond

    Tool Loan, Westside

  • Nilsa Castro

    Nilsa Castro

    Program Coordinator

  • Tom DiNardo

    Tom DiNardo

    Home Inspector

  • Linda Giermann

    Linda Giermann

    Office Manager, Home Repair

  • Darlene Griffin

    Darlene Griffin

    HUD Certified Counselor

  • Cheryl Hollis

    Cheryl Hollis

    HUD Certified Counselor

  • Tanya Johnson

    Tanya Johnson

    HUD Certified Counselor

  • Leslie Lavelle

    Leslie Lavelle

    Home Inspector

  • Kim Massingill

    Kim Massingill

    LEAD Projects

  • Beatrice McClendon

    Beatrice McClendon

    Home Counseling Assistant

  • Richard Rivera

    Richard Rivera

    Gutter Program

  • Ramonita Rodriquez

    Ramonita Rodriquez

    Operations Manager

  • Scott Wehe

    Scott Wehe

    Home Repair Staff

  • Karri Wirth

    Karri Wirth

    Home Repair Coordinator

  • Raquel Yactayo

    Raquel Yactayo

    Home Repair Assistant

Board of Directors

  • Jeff Malbasa


    Capital Group

  • Anthony J. Basalla


    Cerity Group

  • Anthony Castorano


  • Jessica MacKeigan, Esq.

    Walter Haverford

  • Suzanne Meltzer, AIA

    RDL Architects, Inc.

  • Donald Miehls, Esq.

    Tradesmen International

  • Dr. Richard Hansler

    Founding Board Member (Retired)

    Founding Member